Dr. Walls & Friends TV Show


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Watch Dr. Walls travel around the world and interview individuals about their lives, careers, passion, and purpose.  As you travel with her, you will hear individual stories of hope, encouragement, and inspiration.  Be ready to be intrigued, entertained, and motivated to Live Your G.R.E.A.T.E.S.T. Life!

Check out Dr. Walls & Friends  on UCCN TV….

2016 Dr. Walls & Friends with Sisters in Harmony in Brooklyn, NY

2015 Dr. Walls & Friends at the Piton International Film Festival in St. Lucia

2014 Mega Martial Arts Weekend Interviews featuring actor Fred Williamson

2014 Mega Martial Arts Weekend Interviews Part 2 featuring actor Taimak

2014 St. Lucia Jazz Fest Interviews

2014 Piton International Film Festival Interviews

2013 Interview with Yusef Salaam (from the Central Park 5)

2013 Interview with actor Antonio Fargas

2013 Interviews in St. Lucia

2012 Part 1


2 thoughts

  1. Dr Walls My Name Is Nathaniel Genrette and I am a Martial Arts Instructor here in Phila, Pa. My Business consist of teaching Our youth & others about this amazing and multi-talented art. I am a Non-Profit Business and was intrigued on how you deal with people through your books and other levels of communication, particularly your you-tube videos with the house of Umoja .It would be a Great Honor if you contact me.Hopefully we can do some business together .

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