Froggy-T & Bunnie

The Reunion ~ The Adventures of Froggy-T & Bunnie are available in 4 formats:

The Reunion Explained ~ An Introduction to Froggy-T & Bunnie

The Reunion – Cartoon Animation Teaser

The Reunion ~ Audio-Video Book Teaser

Hi Everybody! I’m Bunnie. I love singing, dancing, laughing, and playing with my friends. My best bud is Froggy-T. He and I have a lot of adventures that we want to share with you. Do you want to meet him? He’s right underneath me lol

Hi Everybody! I’m Froggy-T. I see you met my best bud Bunnie. I’m super excited to spend time with you and share our stories with you. Bunnie and I have learned so much and we want to share our life lessons with you. Like Bunnie, I love music too. I play the saxophone. If you watch The Reunion animation you can see and hear me play.